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Ninja Challenge

Ninja Activity Challenges

Our WML Sensei's have worked out some fantastic Ninja activity challenges to keep you busy throughout school term.

Covering Writing, Reading, Art, STEM and Puzzles, we will be posting a challenges for every weekday for you to tackle.

We'd love to see your ninja skills, so get mum or dad to share some photos. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @whitehorsemanninghamlibraries and use #WMLninja.


Week Beginning 25th May 2020

Monday- Art

Use empty toilet rolls to make a doll or castle

Tuesday- Reading

Start a timer when you sit down to read. See how long you can go without stopping

Wednesday- Writing

Create a story with the title “You’ll never guess what happened today”

Friday- Puzzles

Decode the secret message to discover your challenge:

ritew a ewn ongs ot a ellw nownk unet

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