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Home Delivery

Any questions please call 9872 8650 or 9877 8550

Who can get Home Delivery service?

Members of Whitehorse Manningham Libraries who live within the cities of Whitehorse or Manningham.
If you are not a member you can join here

How do I request home delivery

(1) Login onto the library catalogue using your card number and PIN
(2) Check that we have your correct home address (My account--Personal Details)
(3) Search catalogue and reserve the titles you would like
(4) Include a reservation note to say "Home delivery please, address correct" and note the number of items requested

How often can I get a delivery?

Once every four weeks.

What can I get in a WML Home Delivery?

We will be delivering any items you request – Books, Audio books, Magazines, DVDs & CDs.

How long can I hold on to these items?

You can keep them until our branches open or the return chutes are operational. Please follow our Facebook page and join our e-newsletter to be notified when this happens.

Is there a minimum number of items I need to request?

No, but please remember you can only have one delivery every four weeks.

Is there a maximum number of items I can request?

Yes, 10 items maximum at this stage.

Why has my request not yet arrived?

Your item may not yet have arrived due to being on loan with another member. As all loans have been extended and we cannot accept returns at this stage we can only send out what is on shelf.

Can I change the delivery address after I have ordered?

No, we can only send items to the address in your account. Please log into your account and check the address is correct before ordering.

Can I return the library items I already have, or the ones you will send me?

Not currently. All libraries, including the chutes are closed.

What is the cost of a WML Home Delivery?

All Whitehorse Manningham Library members who live in either Whitehorse or Manningham are entitled to one FREE home delivery every four weeks.

How is the library quarantining items as the virus can survive several days on plastic and paper?

The items are effectively quarantined in their boxes in the time it takes for them to be delivered from us to you. If you have concerns, please quarantine them for a few more days after you receive them.

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